Can You Remember A Time You Weren’t Stressed, Stiff or Out of Shape?

Give Me just Two Minutes, and I’ll Reveal What’s really Stopping Your Transformation to the Calm, Confident, Fit and Fun Goddess Within You.

Does anything from this situation sound familiar?

You’re scrolling Instagram and find a before and after picture of a now fit, beautiful and blissfully calm lady talking about her transformational yoga habit.

And you think:

Damn, she sounds really happy, and apparently yoga helps calm your worries!

You need to start it now

In your excitement you head to Amazon, find a yoga mat, some blocks and a cute sports bra, and finally accept that “free” Prime delivery options to get them by tomorrow morning. 

I can’t believe you’re doing this, it’s so exciting.

Before you know it you’ll be toned and sexy and flexible and happy!

You spend the rest of the evening finding yoga classes on Youtube, ready to start your dramatic transformation. 


And girl do you throw yourself into it. 


Every morning you’re up early, listening to badass music and moving through your yoga flows. 


You’re killing it. 


For a whole 5 days until you forget your alarm and miss a class…

Ughh, come on, don’t mess this up now. That belly isn’t going to work itself off.

Okay, let’s make a deal, take today off, but you must continue tomorrow

But tomorrow doesn’t come.


Before you know it, three weeks have passed and you’ve barely managed 3 more classes.


Your yoga mat remains rolled up in the corner gathering dust. 

Why can’t you ever stay motivated?

Don’t you want to be like that girl in the picture?

Just do the damn yoga!

But you can’t. 


As much as you struggle you can’t summon the drive you had just a few weeks ago. 

The time, the effort, the schedule, it just seems like too much.

Why don’t you ever give a shit!?

Don’t you want to lose weight??

To be happy like that girl???

And then a new thought crosses your mind…..

Wait…. What do you give a shit about….?

Does her life actually connect with you?

The problem isn't that you lack motivation, it's that you don't deeply know WHY you should change your life.

Is something in your current life causing you pain?


Of course. 


But without doing the work to understand yourself, the stories and patterns running your life, you can’t make a deep connection with what life you truly desire. 


Without help discovering who you truly are, you’ll never be able to maintain the motivation to change your life for long. 

  • Do you wish you could stop your compulsive excuses and procrastination? 
  • To actually stick with something long enough to get the transformation you dream of? 
  • To feel a deep, purposeful motivation for changing your body and your mind? 
  • Do you long to feel connection and commitment to changing yourself and your situation? 
  • To feel supported in making this change?

If you answered yes to any of these, understand that this can become your reality.


But, you need to want it badly enough.


Take a second to think forward five years. 


If can’t commit to starting now, how much harder will it be to get fit, to lose weight, to find the energy to change yourself then? 


Without understanding who you truly are, what motivates you, what you actually give a shit about, there’s no reason to assume that this future you will be any happier.


Do you want to spend decades of your life following what you “should” be doing, only to have a complete crisis before scrambling to reclaim what years you have left? 


Wouldn’t you rather get to know yourself now? 


To finally discover your motivation?


To transform all aspects of yourself that hold you back from a beautiful life?

Are You Always In a Rush, Constantly Doing Everything That's "Expected of You?"

If motivation isn’t the issue, perhaps this sounds more familiar? 


You know the accountability of a group will help you stay committed, so you go to a yoga studio for a free intro class.


As you walk in, the smell of incense and the clatter of bamboo wind chime immediately puts a smile on your face.

Yeah, you’re so ready for this! Make sure you smile at the other wome -

Hmm… well she seemed very serious… Probably nothing…

You should smile at this girl instead, she seems nic - 

Serious looks again..

Will they think you’re weird if you keep smiling?

You shake off any nerves, grab a mat near the front, and start following the teachers instruction.


You get into it, until a “rest” period in downward dog starts. You glance at all of the women behind you:

Oh wow… there are a LOT of very fit women in here..

And have you ever seen this many $100 yoga outfits in one room??

Was it a good idea to be right at the front.. where everyone can see you??? 

Before you can continue your worried thoughts, the teacher has you moving through another onslaught of poses.


The burning in your legs is a great distraction, until you realize that your nerves, and not the workout, is causing the tightness in your stomach.

The overthinking resumes:

Everyone can see you. They’re all going to be judging how bad you are at this…

This is stupid, you clearly don’t belong in this studio.

Even if you did, how could you justify the cost of these classes?

You’re meant to be calm, but your mind is bombarded with all the reasons that this is a terrible idea.  

You’ll need to come 3 or 4 days a week.

Classes are 90 minutes…

20 minutes drive here and back.

Hmmm….. that’s…. oh god that’s like 5 to 8 hours a week.

Yep, this is just no way you can do this, it’s so irresponsible.

You’re mind is running wild. As you consider just walking out, the teacher tells everyone to lie down for the end. 

Thank god. Almost over and then you don’t ever have to come back. 

You don’t have the time.

You don’t have the money.

You don’t belong here.

But this lying meditation isn’t a complete failure...


As you focus on breathing and your muscles start to relax, a thought hits you like a bolt of lightning:

Oh shit… that’s not the truth is it?

You’re not worth the time.

You’re not worth the money.

You’re not good enough to belong here

Scary thought, hey?


The problem isn’t that you don’t have time or money, it’s that you don’t respect yourself enough to prioritize the investment into you.


You haven’t got any time… yet you mindlessly watch Netflix, or scroll social media as soon as a feeling of discomfort hits you? 


You haven’t got any money… until you’re stressed and then you seem to find the cash for innocent buys for the house, or sugary treats?

I’m not saying that treating yourself is bad.


But are the treats solving the stress, or just masking over it’s pain?

I get it; the world has decided that you, as a woman, are expected to get certain things done.

You need to look after everyone in your life. If you don’t, no one will.


But how do you expect to look after anyone, if you can’t even look after yourself?


If you’re not confident enough to invest in yourself?


If you don’t respect your time, and to demonstrate that your time deserves to be respected?


Without doing the work to understand yourself, the stories and patterns running your life, you won’t find the powerful confidence needed to feel worthy of investment.

  • Do you wish you respected yourself enough to invest in your future health, happiness and peace?
  • To feel beautiful in your body?
  • To have the self confidence to feel “enough”? 
  • Do you long to set boundaries and expectations with your loved ones?
  • To stop constant worries about what you should be doing, about what’s responsible?
  • To give yourself permission to start enjoying life? 

Once again, it’s one thing to look at your current pain, but where will it lead if you can’t make a change?


Look 5 years in the future:


How much money will you have lost because you never invested in yourself? 


Because you never valued improving your energy by working on your health, fitness or motivation? 


How much more money would you earn over 5 years if you were performing at your best?


Connecting in a meaningful way with your boss, coworkers, or clients? 


Really think about it. 


If you never truly learn to love yourself, to stop self criticism, to value investment in yourself, how can you possibly expect your life to look any better in the future?


How many amazing experiences or conversations will you have avoided or put off because you can never relax, and feel like you have “enough time”?


Because you could never prioritize yourself as worthy of that time? 

"No motivation," "no time," or "no money" are just a few of the fake stories that could be sabotaging your future happiness:

Maybe one of these connects with you?


Joint Pain Is Stealing Experiences From You 


Joint pain has started to affect more and more of your life. You back or knees hurt to reach the bottom shelf, to pick up your kids, to walk up the stairs, or to go on hiking adventures in the countryside?


How beautiful could your life look if you could not only stop further damage to your joints, but reverse it? To actually be more in touch with your body and in less pain as you get older? 


You’re Insecure About Your Body


You’re constantly beating yourself up about your weight, belly, or jiggly thighs. Or you’re constantly judging or making negative comparisons to other women. Maybe those judgments or insecurities are sabotaging potentially beautiful connections with women?


How would you feel if you could not only lose weight and get toned in all the right places, but also learn to love all of yourself, no matter your body? How would you feel if you felt deeply confident and secure in your own skin, with just how sexy you really are? 


Stress Keeps You Awake At Night


Your relationships are being damaged because you spend all night awake worrying about everything you should be doing, and then end up snappy and overly emotional because you’re so tired. 


How amazing would your relationships look if you were able to calm your thoughts, to get the rest you need, and to give your friends or partner your focus and attention?

Lack of Boundaries Allows Friends or Family to Take Advantage of Your Time


All of your responsibilities to family or friends leave you strung out and exhausted. Their expectations of what you should be doing as a woman, leave you with no time for anything you actually enjoy.


What could your life look like if you were able to understand your boundaries, and communicate those with your friends, family or colleagues? If you loved and respected yourself enough to see that it wasn’t selfish to spend some of your time investing in you.

Where Did All The Lies You Tell Yourself Come From?


As you can see, almost any problem in your life can be broken down to a story you’re telling yourself, a story you might not even be aware of:


“Self care is selfish.”

“You’re not good enough.”

“You need to be perfect to be loved.”

“You “should” be doing this or that.”

“Pain is just a result of getting older.”

“You’re not attractive”.

“You’re irresponsible with money.”


Uncovering and replacing these stories is the first step to truly living a free, authentic life. 


While yoga is a great tool for doing this (especially when combined with guided self reflection exercises, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques), it’s useful to think about why these stories have taken hold of your life.


Hint: it definitely has roots in your past.


Does your childhood sound like any of these? 

You were bullied:

You were taunted and bullied about something as a child; saying something silly, your looks, weight, interests or a mistake you made. You learn that other people are constantly judging everything about you. You mind works overtime to ensure you fit in, whatever unlikely situation might arise. You might self-enforce an unhealthily restrictive diet, beauty routine, exercise routine, binge eat to deal with your emotions, or develop another eating disorder. This attempt to control anything in your life damages your physical and mental health.

Your parents were overscheduled:

Your parents were always had every second of your day planned out. You were rushed around between sports or activities, and left on edge due to their stress about time. This rubs off on you. You start to develop anxieties about not having enough time, that being late is apocalyptic, and that it’s selfish to want time to yourself.

Moving school destroyed your athlete identity:

The only way you stood out was with your athletic ability, so you threw yourself into this at the expense of studies. After moving to a new school, or college you were no longer top of the pack, and that identity was destroyed. You either learn that you’re just “not good enough”, or you throw yourself into self destructive amounts of workouts and bad eating habits to try and regain your lost identity. Your health suffers from overly restrictive or indulgent eating habits, large weight fluctuations, and muscle and joint injuries from over-training cause you daily pain.

You suffered trauma:

Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, perhaps divorce or natural disaster, whether once, or for an extended time, created a deep sense of helplessness in you. You learn that people aren’t to be trusted, that you’re powerless, and perhaps complicit or to blame for what happened to you. You may develop a compulsive habit of preparing for or practicing for any eventuality in an attempt to never feel out of control again. Perhaps you turn to food, binge eating in the hopes you can become “fat” and “ugly” so that no one would want to target you again.

Religious beliefs made you feel perpetually sinful:

The beliefs of your family came into conflict with your thoughts, desires or actions. You feel constant judgement and paralyzing fear about the consequences of your actions. You understand that you’re a bad person, and are constantly worried that others will learn this. You punish yourself mentally or physically, or perhaps hide parts of your personality from others. You never learn who your authentic self is, and so can never understand what you truly value, desire, or are motivated by.

Your parents were overprotective:

Your parents were likely anxious and would swoop in to intervene in any potentially risky situation. You learn that you can’t handle things on your own, that the world is dangerous and scary. Your lack of experience solving physical or social problems leaves you easily overwhelmed, stressed and emotionally hyper-reactive. Anxious thoughts and worries keep you from sleeping soundly, being present, or enjoying yourself without thoughts or preparations about the future.

Your parents had impossibly high standards:

You grew up understanding that your parents expect greatness from you, perhaps for you to live out the life that they couldn’t. You learn that the only way for them to show you affection is to perform, and the standard is constantly moving. You develop an unrelenting perfectionism, constantly worrying that your work and life isn’t measuring up, regardless of if something related to what your parents want or wanted for you. You constantly struggle with feelings that you or your life isn’t good enough, and your mind is a constant checklist of things that still need to be done.

Society and the Media has created an impossible standard of "reality":

This one isn’t necessarily a childhood problem! You’re overwhelmed with perfect views of the fittest, most successful, happiest, most attractive people, and are constantly worried and self-conscious at yourself and your life’s inability to measure up. You have no idea which of the million paths you should follow, what your “purpose” is, or how you can possibly measure up to the world’s expectations for you to be; well put together, smart, funny, driven, but also compassionate and motherly? You’re constantly worried about your imperfections, other people’s judgments of them, and feel unworthy of love and attention.

If any of these points gave you a knot in your stomach, or bought up worried emotions or thoughts, I want you to know that: 

There is a world where you can shake off your unending overthinking, lose weight, get fit and toned, heal aching joints, and gain confidence in your body and abilities!


But most importantly of all: there is a world where you learn to love and respect yourself and your time. Flaws and all.

I’d love nothing more than to introduce you to that world. To unlock that fierce, badass goddess within you


Trust me, I’m an expert at this whole “figuring yourself out” stuff. 

  • Crippling fears that I’ll never be successful? Yep
  • Self harming due to thoughts against my religious beliefs? That was me
  • Bullying had me convinced I was an annoying person? Mmmhmm.
  • Sexual trauma left me feeling punished for dressing a certain way? Unfortunately so
  • Bad money relationship leaving me incapable of asking for fair pay or investing in myself? Only at every job I’ve ever had. 
  • Incapable of putting my needs before the work others expected of me? For pretty much all of my life.
  • Completely failing my “life checklist” by getting divorced in my mid twenties? Good job Taryn, now everyone knows you’ve failed at being an adult.  

    Girl, I just want you to know that I get it. 

    I've been EXACTLY Where You Are

    The Only Thing Between You And Your Most Amazing Life Is: A Perspective Change And To Put In Practice. 


    I know it sounds simple, but it can be terrifying.


    To have a deep, honest look at yourself and to question if you lack motivation, because you’re not really leading the life that you want.  


    To release worries of all the thoughts and judgments others might have of you trying to lead the life you do want. 


    It’s scary to look inward and question why you’re mind is so consumed with your lack of time or money.


    With being a “people pleaser”.


    Or with putting absolutely everyone’s needs above your own at all times. 


    It’s scary to learn the fictional stories that are leaving you paralyzed, and where they originated.


    To try and dismantle the fake identity that your upbringing and society has convinced you is the real you. 

    Trust Me, There Is An Authentic YOU Beneath All This Bullshit

    She’s passionate, fiery, confident and completely in love with herself. 


    Once you understand the relief, the lightness, the overwhelming power you feel just being YOU, I guarantee you’ll kick yourself for not making yourself a priority sooner.


    I truly believe that yoga, combined with deep inner work, are some of the most powerful tools for transforming your life.


    Not only has this completely changed my own life, it’s also helped many women I’ve worked with do exactly the same.

    I wanted to share the opportunity for yoga teachers and students to be able to connect and thrive all over the world. 


    It doesn’t matter where you are, what time of day you practice, or how long you have. This studio is open 24/7

    Classes can be a lightning fast mental detox, or a longer intense workouts. Confident yogi, or complete beginner, we have classes for you! 


    Plus, all are downloadable, so you can practice from anywhere, without wifi*! 




    *Oh, the humanity!


    Aitza Ortiz

    I’ve Quit Smoking And Started To Make My Peace a Priority

    “Yes, I’d like to share that since I have started, I have quit smoking cigarettes, which was a 10 year on/off habit. In the past, when stress would start to sneak into my thoughts, I’d smoke to relieve the stress. Not anymore. I’m either stretching, reading, or meditating, and that’s a victory for me!!


    AND for September, I’m going to restart my yoga practice, as last time, I was battling some inner demons, making excuses for not having time, and, quite frankly, putting everyone’s needs before mine.


    As a mama, I feel entirely responsible for putting my family first. I KNOW that I need to do something for myself, but feel so guilty about wanting that because I have a husband and children to tend to.


    So, I’m on a mission along with you, to put myself first. I am yearning to do for me and be guilt free!! I’m starting with your yoga challenge, then a trip to Mexico, where I will let my mermaid soul take itself to the wonders of the sea, and truly looking forward to disconnecting from social media.


    Thanks for inspiring me!!!! Much love to you!!!”

    Lauren Duffield

    Love How Easy This Is To Follow

    One on one lessons with Taryn are awesome. I have 0 confidence when it comes to yoga, and she doesn’t let me get down on myself. The best part the convenience of having The Remote Yogi with me wherever I go. 


    The online videos and poses are easy to follow, and I can schedule my own yoga classes whenever I have time in my schedule.

    Bella Lang

    Yoga Is The Only Thing That Has Healed My Back Pain

    “Thanks for the positive messages, I appreciate it. I accidentally found you online searching for back pain relief yoga stuff haha.


    I never thought I would be doing yoga, but it’s been the only thing that has helped my back pain. I have a herniated disc thats bugging my sciatic nerve and I’ve been really unwell for a long time. I had to give up all my hobbies due to the injury – but now I’m bouncing back and staying strong!


    I plan to paddleboard this spring and surf again this summer”

    Elisabeth Hawthorn

    I Love That You Made Yoga Possible For Me

    I have been following your class every day x 2 and I love it. I think you are such a good teacher. I am so glad I stumbled across your site and got to join your tribe. I think this will finally be my rescue. 


    I love that you made yoga possible for me and I love the whole lifestyle around it. I look forward to your class every morning. 

       Laura Shaw

    Taryn, Thanks For Always Blowing My Mind!

    “This was honestly such a glass shattering moment for me when you said it yesterday (You don’t need more patience, you need more faith) during our session!


    I told my housemate about it and her face totally dropped, she went silent, looked off into the distance, and was like “oh my god… she’s so right.” You shook us girl!”

       Kelcie Smith

    Your perspective shift made me tear up.

    “I’m two days in and I absolutely love it. I’ve subscribed to online studios before, but none like yours.


    Thank you so much for providing this for everyone!”

    Danielle Arnold

    Pure Gratitude.

    I'm so grateful to Taryn for all her patience,  guidance and knowledge! She has helped me achieve more control over my mind and body. 


    Her knowledge is extensive and her heart is priceless.


    Sincerely, a happy student.

    Amelia Fluet

    Compassionate Teaching.

    Taryn's authenticity and vulnerability make yoga, mindfulness, and living a more wholehearted life an achievable goal. 


    She is an amazing role model and is open and honest about the struggles and success in her life. 


    I connect with Taryn's empathy and compassion that shines through in everything she does.

    Laura Ipsu

    Your perspective shift made me tear up.

    “That was beautiful! When you were answering and said the part about looking back 5 or 10 years ago and seeing what I’ve accomplished — girl I teared up and almost cried.


    Shifting the question, so fucking crazy lol! Thank you xx “

    Anni Hy

    I’ve Never Loved Myself More

    “You’ve helped me find inner strength that I have been missing for ages and made me confront myself and show all of the things I had hidden away.


    I’m feeling so powerful, yet so calm and peaceful it is unbelievable. 


    I have never been so sure of myself or loved myself more than I do at this moment.


    For the first time ever, a meditation broke me down to the point where I was sobbing.“

    Oneka Thompson

    Thank You For Always Encouraging Me!

    “Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to respond to me! I really appreciate it!


    Your message really touched my heart and your words of encouragement are truly appreciated.


    Thank you for the resources that you have sent my way, I really dislike feeling out of control in general and especially with my emotions. Though I am trying to embrace my feelings and that they are innate in the human experience, something it gets really difficult. 


    Regardless of this, thank you for reminding me that everything is temporary; this has been guiding and encouraging me to not give up!”

    Katrina Call

    This Is What A Strong, Confident, Independent Woman Looks Like!

    “I am loving this course! I love that I can do it at my own pace. I’m spending more time with podcasts, your guided meditations, and started journaling.


    It’s been so powerful to journal using the prompts from your class.“

    Julia H.

    Supportive People.

    This group is so much more than daily yoga tutorials and weekly newsletters. This Tribe is how I have met some of the most supportive people, always embracing who I am and helping me grow to be my best self. 


    People that I can belly laugh with about the most ridiculous things. People who will cheer on even my smallest victories. People who have become such close friends that I don’t know what I would do without. 

    Bri Curro

    I've Found My Voice.

    “Thank you thank you thank you for this! Any time I speak now, my voice remains strong and I am able to hear myself clearly.


    I can feel the “good side” of me bloom back to life.


    I’m now able to calm my anxious “Bitchy Bee“ side right down.


    I feel wrapped in a warm cloud, ever so soft and gentle. I now feel calm and comforted that life is exactly where it’s meant to be in this moment.”

    Trudy Brand

    Thank You For Helping Me Respect Myself

    “Thank you so much!


    You truly helped me today. I had fallen into the hole of old beliefs and feel or felt as though I was a complete failure. Reading this has helped me to see this is a phase.


    The exact words you used are the very things that I have felt, they are so close to my heart.


    Your words have helped me see that I’m not alone in this journey. I am learning to accept and respect myself and my value. It is easier said than done but this lesson has helped me to feel like less of a failure. To keep trying and trust the process… Thank you”

    Fernanda Martinez

    I've Loved Exploring Different Yoga Styles

    “Good morning Taryn, thank you so much for the video; I am going to watch it now. Everything is going terrific, I love the idea that in a different class I am practising a different aspect of what yoga is. Such a nice way to learn this beautiful practise.”

    Apoorva P

    Feeling Really Good Since Starting Yoga at Home

    “I am SO honored and touched that you sent me a personal message, you have no clue how much it means to me. 🙂


    Your video message is really motivating and I think you this is an amazing effort by you to make a difference in people’s lives through yoga. I am feeling really good since I started off with the simple yoga at home, as compared to hours in the gym. I am looking forward to so much more learning.”

    Chrystelle Carrère

    So Grateful to Find You

    “Hello Taryn!


    I am so happy about your classes! I love everything about it. The poses, the way you explain them, the mantras… everything. I had been doing yoga for quite a long time now, with various teachers, and I am so grateful to find you!


    Keep doing the great job. I think you are a wonderful teacher. “

    Roxane Gras

    You've Helped Me Appreciate My Body

    “I joined the tribe a few months ago, and I don’t regret it for one bit! I was never appealed by yoga, probably partly because I thought it wasn’t for me as I’m not flexible at all.


    What Taryn is offering with the Remote Yogi Tribe was just what I needed: private yoga lessons where and when I want to (with a great teacher!).


    After 3 months of yoga with Taryn every day, I can clearly see the flexibility I have gained, and that’s one of the best rewards: getting to know, use and appreciate my body better. I would highly recommend to anyone!”

    How Do You Become a Calm, Confident, Fit And Fun Goddess?

    I wish there were some sort of magic pill or diploma like course you could take to be fit, calm and confident,


    Unfortunately… life doesn’t work that way!


    So, instead of leaving you to sit around wishing for a miracle, I’ve built an entire platform;


    The Remote Yogi Tribe


    This contains an ever expanding program of my most transformative classes and practices for unleashing your powerful inner goddess. 


    You can’t just follow a 3-week challenge and get certified a “Confident Boss-Babe”


    Doing deep internal work, finding motivation, creating a lifelong habit, building confidence, quieting your mind, these all require repetition, self-discovery, and practice.


    Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is lying to you. 


    Repetition will teach you new lessons! 


    Have you ever read a book, got some great take-aways from it, and then months or years later you read it again, and are surprised to learn completely new lessons? 


    This platform is just like those books!


    The more work and repetition you put in, the more you will start to understand and overcome the deeper reasons that you’re out of shape, aching, stressed, always in a rush, or lacking motivation and confidence.


    So, what’s included on this powerful platform?

    SO Much More Than A Yoga Program

    Here’s How Becoming a Tribe Member Accelerates

    Your Personal Transformation


    Powerful Yoga That Fits Your Schedule

      • Find A Style You Resonate With: Access an ever increasing range of yoga class styles taught by myself as well as guest teachers; including yin yoga, flow classes, vinyasa, and more. 
      • Classes For ANY Schedule: Pick between 15-85 minutes long classes, making it simple to fit yoga into your life, no matter how busy you are! New classes are added weekly. 
      • Feel Supported By Women That “Get You”: Become part of a community of badass women ready to help you make a change. If you’re attracted by the social aspect of a yoga studio, but put off by the cost (or overly judgy yoga women), this if for you! 

        All Your Questions Answered

          • Coaching Tailored To YOUR Problems: Questions about your yoga practice, meditation, inner work, or how to live a healthy lifestyle? I host live calls every month via video chat giving you the perfect opportunity to ask me anything directly. 
          • Feel Safe To Share And Improve: You have the option to share your video feed, especially if you’re looking to receive feedback on certain yoga poses or have alignment questions. You can send your questions in before and everything is recorded and available to you. This way, you never miss out on the opportunity to get your questions answered.

            Relieve Stress, Increase Confidence, Find Your Voice:

              • Quiet Your Mind, Recover Your Sleep: Get all of our guided meditations which are 5-20 minutes long, with new ones added regularly. 
              • Make Your Health & Happiness a Priority: Access a library of health, breathing and mindfulness resources, such as our mindfulness challenge, printable yoga sequences, meal plans, etc. 
              • Uncover And Rewrite Your Limiting Stories: 15+ powerful training workshops to direct your deep work, uncover your stories and change your mindset. Topics include: Stress and Anxiety, Money Mindset, Productivity, Goal Setting, Motivation, Creating Better Relationships, Intuition, Understanding Chakras, Feeling Like You Have Enough Time, Embodying Authenticity (and more added monthly). 

                Free Money!

                  • Practice Self-Respect & Self-Love: Yep, I know it can be scary to invest into yourself, so to help out all Tribe members can access massive discounts of 20-40% on all of my other services or courses, including private yoga lessons (via video chat), lifestyle and wellness coaching, targeted toolkits for confidence, anxiety or self-discovery, live workshops, retreats, and more

                    Built To Work With Your Life:

                      • This studio is open 24/7! It doesn’t matter where you are, what time of day you practice, or how long you have. All classes and material can be accessed through our portal on mobile or desktop devices.  

                      • Lose Weight And Get Fit At Any Experience Level. Classes can be a lightning fast mental detox, or a longer intense workouts. Confident yogi, or complete beginner, we have classes for you! 

                      • All 400+ classes, workshops and meditations are downloadable, so you can practice from anywhere, without wifi! 

                        (First Two Weeks Free | As Low As $18.50 Per Month After)

                        I’m Need This! But Have Some Worries:


                        I’m here to help 🙂

                        Q:  This would be a big investment for me


                        It’s totally normal to feel that way, I’ve been there myself. But consider it this way: 


                        1. It’s good that you feel this is a big investment, because it means you will take this seriously. Reminding yourself not only of the work you’ll have to do to unlock your sexy inner goddess, but also the work you had to do to earn the money to pay for this platform.


                        This will help you stay dedicated when it gets hard (and it will get hard). 


                        You’re going to uncover and face demons on the path to truly becoming comfortable and confident as your authentic self, so make sure you’re ready, and then turn up determined, ready to make this work if it’s the last damn thing you do.


                        2. For another perspective, think back to how low self awareness might actually be costing you money. How much better could your financial situation be if you actually understood what you were passionate about, if you understood your direction? 


                        How much better more dedicated and confident would you be at a job, or with a business you really cared about?

                        If you know what you value, what change you want to make in the world, you’ll work harder and more creatively, and you’ll get energy from doing so.


                        That’s the kind of work that gets promotions. That’s the kind of business that attracts success.


                        3. If it’s the thought of monthly payments that worries you, then you can get a massive discount by purchasing up to a year of membership time at once. At $18.50 per month (if you pay the whole year  at once) you’re almost getting a 50% discount. 


                        4. If it’s just a scary amount in any case, then perhaps compare it to other things you’re currently spending money on that aren’t making you a better, more badass person? 

                        Even at $33, it’s still much cheaper than the $100 per month that most yoga studios cost. And on top of the yoga, you get all of the meditations, workshops and other resources to help you heal your mind, as well as building them sexy curves!


                        Q:  When do I access the course?


                        Immediately! As soon as you complete your payment, you’ll receive login details with  access to the online portal.


                        10 minutes from now you could start the journey that will allow you to get fit, heal your joints, calm your mind, and go after all your desires! 


                        Q: Do you allow refunds? 


                        Of course!


                        First, let me say that you need to be committed to really making a change. You need to give yourself enough compassion to invest time and money in the awesome future you.


                        It doesn’t have to take up loads of your time, but you do have to put in some effort to focus on you.

                        With that said, I understand that financial fears can take up a lot of space in your head (it’s been my biggest personal learning point)!


                        If you’re still unable to shake the negative self talk, even with powerful classes we share, I’d never want to make your stress even more.  


                        So, if at any point in your free two week trial, your demons get the better of you, just drop me an email ( an I’ll cancel your subscription before it bills you (or refund you just in case you want to cancel close to the billing date and I don’t see your email quickly enough).


                        That also stands for any point in your membership. If you’re unable to continue for any reason, I’ll cancel your subscription, and if it happens to run over before then, I’ll refund the new month. 


                        Q: Will I be allowed to download the material?


                        Yes, all of the 400+ pieces of content (yoga classes, videos, meditations, workbooks) are available to be downloaded and watched later on.


                        I’m Taryn Raine

                        Nomad Yoga Teacher &

                        Spiritual Life Coach

                        It is my mission to empower others to take control of their own wellness journey and conquer anxiety and stress.

                        In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, cooking, exploring, and making new friends.

                        The Remote Yogi

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