Unleash the Feminine Goddess Within

This is the ultimate yoga series for awakening your feminine energy, honoring your cycle, and unleashing your wild, playful side. If you're ready to stop taking yourself so seriously and enjoy more flow in your life, this is the yoga bundle for you.

“This is what a strong, confident, independent woman looks like! I am loving this course!

I love that I can do it at my own pace. I’m spending more time with podcasts, your guided meditations, and have started journaling. It’s been so powerful to journal using the prompts from your class“

Katrina Call

Stop hustlin' and enjoy some fun!

It's time to welcome your feminine side.

Feeling the desire to connect with your feminine energy? These yoga classes are ALL lady inspired, with a gentle class for your period, lunar energy, and lots of shakti inspiration. It's a lot more dancey, flowy and SO feminine!

  • Feel empowered and inspired. Awake your inner goddess and harness your feminine energy. 

  • Have the courage to celebrate your wise, courageous and sensual feminine body. 

Try Out This Free Class.

Yoga for Sensuality and Inner Connection (20 minutes)

Ready for a completely new style of yoga? Forget the masculine vinyasas and strength training style and explore something you're craving - deep connection with yourself and your feminine nature.


This free class is a taste of what's included in this Own Your Feminine Power

Yoga Bundle.

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Grab instant access to a Vimeo folder of the following yoga classes,

which can be downloaded and used anytime, anywhere.

  • Awaken Shakti Yoga Flow (13 min)

    Shakti is a energy that flows through our body and is referred to as the divine feminine power.

  • Let's Get Sassy Yoga (15 min)

    This is a dance-inspired flow with some hip rollin' and booty shakin'. Grab your fave playlist!

  • Lunar Energy Yoga (61 min)

    This is a softer flow focusing on the moon salutations to bring about a cooler, feminine energy.

  • Yoga for Releasing Emotions (31 min)

    When you're being doing, you can't feel your emotions. This flow will help you open up.

  • Sassy and Playful Yoga  (44 min)

    Let's drop into powerful expression of our feminine nature with your favorite music. 

  • Ladies Night Flow

    (60 min)

    We stretch deep into the hips and the hamstrings in a flirty, laughable, and musical flow. 

  • Activate Sacral Chakra Yoga(32 min)

    Open the sacral chakra to fire up your passionate energy, libido, and creativity with this class.

  • Female Yin Yoga

    (45 min)

    This is a slow, gentle class that adds poses that will inspire some feminine energy.

  • Gentle Flow for Your Period (12 min)

    This is a soft, feminine practices designed to be soothing for your monthly cycle.

Bonus Workshop:

Honor Your Cycles

In this workshop, we discuss how we have disconnected from our cyclical nature. Then, we dive into a deeper understanding of our women's cycles, birth control, hormones, etc. The cycles of the earth can also effect us, so we chat about the moon and seasons. GREAT questions and involvement in this one!

Any time I speak now, my voice remains strong, and I am able to hear myself clearly. I can feel the “good side” of me bloom back to life and calm my anxious “Bitchy Bee“ right down.

I feel wrapped in a warm cloud, ever so soft and gentle. I now feel calm and comforted that my life is exactly where it’s meant to be in this moment.

Bri Curro

Taryn’s authenticity and vulnerability make yoga, mindfulness, and living a more wholehearted life an achievable goal.


She is an amazing role model and is open and honest about the struggles and success in her life.


I connect with Taryn’s empathy and compassion that shines through in everything she does.

Amelia Fluet

I can not thank you enough! 

I often feel like I’m drowning in all the tasks I need to do, the things I need to “accomplish”. 


Your course has made me make myself a priority. I’m able to set aside time to take care of me, and reflect on all the things that make me wonderful. 


You’ve helped me love myself for all that I am! 

Kristen Knudsen


I’m Taryn Raine

Nomad Yoga Teacher &

Confidence Coach


I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and founder of The Remote Yogi, an online wellness platform which combines yoga, mindfulness, and personal development to help women ease fear and embrace confidence. I also run the podcast Embracing Human to help you bust through perfectionism patterns.


In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, cooking, exploring, and making new friends.

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