Slow Down and

Cultivate Self Care

These classes are all designed to help you sloooooww dooown. We move slowly, gently, and often hold poses with the support of pillows, blankets, or even comfy in bed. These classes are also wonderful for people struggling with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm, as we slow ya down and shower you in yummy love.

One on one lessons with Taryn are awesome.

I have 0 confidence when it comes to yoga, and she doesn’t let me get down on myself. The best part the convenience of having The Remote Yogi with me wherever I go.

The online videos and poses are easy to follow, and I can schedule my own yoga classes whenever I have time.

Lauren Duffield

Scroll down for a FREE 15-minute Gentle Yoga in Bed class to try now.

Embrace the energy of yin and innear healing

Bring yourself back to a place of reconnection.

In a world where we’re always trying to move faster, stay active, and get more done, it can be hard to ease into a calmer state. Yin yoga is a slow practice of yoga, where you hold postures for an extended period of time. It encourages you to drop in, let go, and settle into each pose.

  • Relax into the posture, allowing the body to soften and find balance in your life.

  • Release stagnant energy and get intimate with your feelings, sensations and emotions.

Try Out This Free Class.

Bedtime Yoga for Restful Sleep - 10 minutes


If you are looking for the perfect yoga poses to have you all relaxed for a good night's sleep, today's class is the one for you. This fifteen minute yoga sequence focuses on gentle restorative postures using the support of pillows and the softness of your bed. 



This free class is a taste of what's included in this Gentle and Yin Yoga Bundle.



Grab instant access to a Vimeo folder of the following yoga classes,

which can be downloaded and used anytime, anywhere.

  • Morning Yoga in Bed (10 min)

    This practice is for one of those mornings when we struggle to pull ourselves out of bed.

  • Upper Body Stretch (12 min)

    This is a yummy, quick stretch for the upper body - neck. shoulders, and upper back.

  • Self Love Yin Yoga (50 min)

    Take the time to stretch, slow down and flow into soft, gentle self-love practice. 

  • Pillow Restorative Yoga (36 min)

    Ready to really slow down and allow to rest and replenish your energy? 

  • Comfy Bed Time Yoga (24 min)

    This yoga sequence is designed to help you get relaxed and ready for a long, peaceful sleep.

  • Yoga for Slowing Down (62 min)

    This slow practice is all about gently allowing ourselves more time in stillness.

  • Relaxing Yin Yoga

    (36 min)

    Grab a pillow or a folded blanket (or a couple) for this half hour relaxation practice.

  • Wall & Pillow Yin Yoga (43 min)

    This practice allows us to stretch into the fascia and release the joints. Enjoy this long break.

  • Gentle Yoga & Sound Healing with Kelsey

    Kelsey will lead you through a simple practice to get the body loosened up and relaxed.

Bonus Meditation: 

Relax with this body scan

This meditation is specifically designed to help the mind focus and give you clarity throughout your day. We focus on the practice of a body scan - starting from the top of the head to the bottom of the toes, we work our way down the body and focus on relaxing each spot. We let go of tension within the body and bring awareness to the present moment.

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your mindset lessons.  And now at home, refuelling and appreciating my body.


I broke through a pain barrier from building my muscles while hiking and now today it as just a normal physical activity ache.

I felt amazing and soo surreal.

Rebecca Landholt-Horist

I have been following your class every day x 2 and I love it. I think you are such a good teacher. I am so glad I stumbled across your site and got to join your tribe.

I think this will finally be my rescue!

I love that you made yoga possible for me and I love the whole lifestyle around it. I look forward to your class every morning.”

Elisabeth Hawthorn

I am so happy about your classes!


I love everything about it. The poses, the way you explain them, the mantras… everything.


I had been doing yoga for quite a long time now, with various teachers, and I am so grateful to find you!

Chrystelle Carrère


I’m Taryn Raine

Nomad Yoga Teacher &

Confidence Coach


I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and founder of The Remote Yogi, an online wellness platform which combines yoga, mindfulness, and personal development to help women ease fear and embrace confidence. I also run the podcast Embracing Human to help you bust through perfectionism patterns.


In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, cooking, exploring, and making new friends.

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