Stay Present and Mindful

Grab ten of my favorite guided meditations from the membership. These range from 4 – 30 minutes with a variety of themes: calming, energizing, self love, stress relief, etc.

Since I have started, I have quit smoking cigarettes, which was a 10 year on/off habit. In the past, when stress would start to sneak into my thoughts, I’d smoke to relieve the stress. Not anymore. I’m either stretching, reading, or meditating, which is a huge victory for me!!

As a mama, I feel entirely responsible for putting my family first. So thank you for putting me on a mission to put myself first. To appreciate me; guilt free, so I can better care for them! Thanks for inspiring me!!!! Much love to you!!!

Aitza Ortiz

Reconnect with your mind, body & soul

Create a regular habit to tune inwards.

Shift the way you relate to your thoughts and feelings, dial down the intensity of emotions that tend to take hold of you, and ultimately you will experience a greater sense of calm, clarity, and focus in your life.

  • Melt away your feeling of fear, stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Be present, be mindful & compassionate towards yourself and your surroundings.

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6-Minute Morning Affirmation Meditation

When practicing meditation, do not be too concerned about how you are sitting. Find what is most comfortable for you, where you can be supported, but not likely to fall asleep. Some mornings, I practice meditation in different yoga poses or laying on my back. Other times, I’ll take a traditional seat. No right or wrong!



This free class is a taste of what's included in this Guided Meditation Bundle.

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Grab instant access to a Vimeo folder of the following yoga classes,

which can be downloaded and used anytime, anywhere.

  • Inner Connection Meditation (14 min)

    This meditation is designed to help you to find your inner connection to help you feel calm and centered.

  • Remove negative energy (10 min)

    This quick meditation is a visual practice that transports you somewhere beautiful - your choice! 

  • Forgiveness Meditation (10 min)

    This meditation is created to help you on the path of forgiveness, whether with someone else or with yourself.

  • Meditation for Stress Relief (8 min)

    This is an affirmation-based meditation to help you calm the mind away from stress and anxiety. 

  • Breathing Meditation (10 min)

    This ten minute practice is a simple meditation practice that is focused purely on the breath to connect with our bodies.

  • Restful Sleep Meditation (20 min)

    This meditation is designed to help you drift gently asleep. This one is best done in bed for a maximum relaxation.

  • Self Love Meditation (15 min)

    Focus on the energy of love and gratitude. I’ll walk you into a deep state of relaxation where we’ll begin to play with those feelings.

  • Metta Loving Kindness (18 min)

    Focus on sending unconditional love to a group of people, any individual or someone who has wronged us.

  • Intention Setting Meditation (30 min)

    The meditation starts with an in-depth body relaxation practice, which is best done laying down. Get yourself comfortable.

Bonus Meditation: 


So Hum is a phrase comprised of two Sanskrit words. The literal translations are - So: That | Hum: I, "I am That I am". So Hum mantra symbolizes the fact that we are all connected to the universal energy that is constantly supporting and nourishing us in the ways we need and desire. It falls into the same concept as “oneness,” or “I am one with the Universe and all of creation.”

You’ve helped me find inner strength that I have been missing for ages and made me confront myself and show all of the things I had hidden away. I’m feeling so powerful, yet so calm and peaceful it’s unbelievable. 

I have never been so sure of myself or loved myself more than I do at this moment.

For the first time ever, a meditation broke me down to the point where I was sobbing.

Anni Hy

I never thought I’d join an online community, but I stumbled upon Remote Yogi Tribe through the 14 day challenge and loved doing it so much that I decided to join the Remote Yogi Tribe and have never been happier and loving every moment of it.


I’ve been able to easily integrate yoga and meditation much more into my daily life.

Fayette Klaassen

This is what a strong, confident, independent woman looks like! I am loving this course!


I love that I can do it at my own pace. I’m spending more time with podcasts, your guided meditations, and have started journaling.


It’s been so powerful to journal using the prompts from your class.

Thank you so much!

Katrina Call


I’m Taryn Raine

Nomad Yoga Teacher &

Confidence Coach


I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and founder of The Remote Yogi, an online wellness platform which combines yoga, mindfulness, and personal development to help women ease fear and embrace confidence. I also run the podcast Embracing Human to help you bust through perfectionism patterns.


In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, cooking, exploring, and making new friends.

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