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Enjoy More Play with Less Time.

Perfect for Your Busy Lifestyle

Each daily challenge is designed for everyone who says they "don't have time" for fun or pleasure. Each email will have a 1 minute video explanation for a daily fun challenge that will take you less than 10 minutes to enjoy!

Feel More Peace and Less Stress

Did you know that playful adults experience less stress, have more productivity, and high brain function? By making time for play, all other areas of your life will improve, including your relationships!

Expand Your Ideas on Daily Fun

At the start of each week, I'll introduce a fun theme to inspire the challenges each week. You'll have a weekly training from Taryn on how to simplify daily fun and brainstorming hacks for your own pleasure lists.


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  • New Friendships

Did you know there are HUGE benefits to more play?

During one of his TED talks, Peter Gray, research professor of psychology at Boston College, said, “from a biological evolutionary perspective, play is nature’s means of ensuring that young mammals, including young human beings, acquire the skills that they need to acquire to develop successfully into adulthood.”

  • Lower Your Stress Levels

    Playful activities can help to trigger the release of endorphins - happy, feel-good chemicals in the body that relieve pain and stress.

  • Better Brain Function

    When you play games and challenge yourself in new ways, you can prevent memory problems and improve brain function for more productivity throughout the day.

  • Improve Your Relationships

    Having a playful, fun nature can help you to feel more yourself and create deeper bonds with strangers, friends, and loved ones. Having fun with others can also increase empathy, compassion, trust, and intimacy. Game night, anyone?


Testimonials from Heart-Felt Women

I'm so blessed to have worked with many women in-person and online over the last five years. Here are some of the amazing reviews that have been shared with me:

Taryn's beautiful soul radiates as she works to help you align yourself with realistic goals. She offers grace and compassion as you share. I am now focused on finding more joy and releasing my fear. Ready for rejuvenation and spending more time to play!

Christina D

Taryn hosts amazing events and has such a great presence. She has a big open heart and her energy is contagious. She is very communicative and personable. Definitely recommend!

Ellie H

Taryn is such a warm, beautiful and incredibly talented teacher and soul. She instantly makes you feel welcome, seen and at ease. There's a great energy to her sessions and you always leave feeling revived. So grateful to have met her and hope that everyone has an inspirational Taryn in their life!

Felice B

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More Testimonials from Amazing Women

I hit rock bottom in Bali and if it wasn't for Taryn, I'd probably still be there. Exactly at the right time, I found out about Taryn's events. I could show up as my vulnerable self, connect in a safe space, share and heal. I met my current ah-ma-zing tribe and life has been nothing but great ever since ❤️️ Thank you so much, Taryn, for providing this space, bringing us ladies together and making it so easy for all of us to find a community halfway across the world. You rock!

Megan D

Taryn is a woman with unlimited talents. She was so HERSELF--I didn't feel like she was trying to be a "yogi" or anything other than her fun, genuine, down to earth self. This made me feel safe to be myself, and I ended up asking her for one on one coaching which was one of the best decisions I could have made. She offered me so much support in a time when I was very vulnerable. She coached me on values, deepening pleasure, and freeing myself from negative internal stories. I highly recommend Taryn in all the work she does and offers to this world

Rachel H

Taryn’s events are one of the best gatherings I’ve ever been to. Aside from being an amazing, warm human, her events are always so organized, beneficial & full of life!


I especially love her moon women circles - every time I attend I get the clarity & direction I need to move forward & embrace this phase in my life.

Angela O

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