Do you feel Good Enough?

Could there be one secret to feeling;

Confident, Calm, in Control of your time. 


One secret to feeling; Enough.  


What if I told you, that secret was Self Love?


Hold that eye roll. Stay with me 😅


You likely hear "Self Love" and find yourself thinking:

"I’d rather not spend $7 on a bath bomb that’s marketed to this whole “self care” BS."


Or maybe, you’ve tried it out. You’ve used the affirmations and felt really good…


For about two minutes before you fell back into the same

self-sabotaging patterns you were experiencing before?


Girl, we get it. We’ve been there.


Truth is, you already love yourself.


You pull yourself out of bed each morning and show up for the day.


Even when it is hard.


THAT is self love.

And yet, you’re still here, curious.


Because part of you knows life could be different.


Part of you aches for change

You know what we’re talking about.


  • It’s the part of you that is exhausted by trying to “do it all perfectly.”
  • It’s the voice inside that mutters, “hey, are we being a little hard on ourselves?
  • It’s the involuntary movement to keep reading this page.


The part is your inner warrior goddess! 

She’s screaming; “send me some love already!”

What if we told you that self care goes beyond spa days and bubble baths?

(although you won’t find any haters ‘round here)


This is an invitation to see it all differently,


To toss your old beliefs of self love aside and make room for something new.


Over eight weeks, we share powerful lessons to shift your mindset.


How to feel worthy.


How to really take control of your inner critic.


How to change the way you feel about your body.


Or omg... Sex?!


Yep, we cover it ALL.


The #1 relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.



Self love is not just something you magically create with some rad mantras.


It’s something that is practiced.

Every. Single. Day.


Think about all the relationships in your life.


Would you constantly pamper your dog with affection,

Then feed her chocolate every day, knowing it might make her sick?

Probs not.


Would you tell your friend every day that you love her,

Only to have every other message be filled with criticism?

We’d hope not.


Would you whisper sweet nothings to a partner,

But block them from having any pleasure in their life?



None of that sounds like love, right?


But this is how we treat self love!


We think that if we repeat, “I love you” affirmations and buy ourselves nice things,

the relationship will blossom.


That’s not how it works.


Your relationship with yourself requires your attention,

Like your friendships do.


It’s a muscle that must be worked out and strengthened.

We show you how.


This masterclass is perfect for you If you’re ready to...

  • Stop self-sabotaging and feel truly worthy of your happiness.

  • Have better conversations with yourself and be more supportive.

  • No longer put everyone's needs before your own.

  • Receive without feeling any guilt about it.

  • Meet your shadow self and release shame. 

  • Appreciate your body, understanding how to nurture her.

  • Explore deep healing around sexuality, fully embracing your divine sexual goddess within.

  • Bond with other women who are transforming alongside you.

What Transformation Can You Expect? 

I Found My Voice ❤️

Thank you thank you thank you for this course! Here are some of my highlights!


Wow, your week 4 mediation was EPIC.


Imagine this: I started and felt like my heart tiny, like a black lump of coal.


As I continued to chant, I could feel the lump of coal move up from my heart and get stuck in my throat, before it literally flew out of my mouth. 


At first, my voice was deep & shaky, and by the end it was strong and light.


Any time I speak now, my voice remains strong and I am able to hear myself clearly. 


The "Self Talk" work in week 3 literally changed the energy flow in my body! 


I can feel the “good side” of me bloom back to life 💙


I'm now able to calm my anxious “Bitchy Bee 🐝 “ side right down 🌈😇🌈


The tapping lesson left me absolutely amazed at how something so simple could have such a huge impact on me.  


I feel wrapped in a warm cloud, ever so soft and gentle. I now feel calm and comforted that life is exactly where it's meant to be in this moment.



Better Than 5 Years In Counseling 😍

You've helped me find inner strength that I have been missing for ages and made me confront myself and show all of the things I had hidden away.


I have met some of the most supportive people, always embracing who I am and helping me grow to be my best self.


Your week 3 meditation has me feeling so powerful, yet so calm and peaceful it is unbelievable. Sound healing is...just wow girl. 


I have completely transformed and have healed throughout the whole process as well.


I have never been so sure of myself or loved myself more than I do at this moment.


For the first time ever, a meditation broke me down to the point where I was sobbing.


8 weeks in this course has done more for me than 5 years in counseling.

My journey with you two has been a roller coaster, and most likely will continue to be because that’s life.


But I’m glad to have a support base that fits in the palm of my hand and goes wherever I go.


To know that I am never alone.



I Deserve Love 💪 

I was nervous about writing my love letter to myself, but I just finished it and holy freaking crap.


I am NEVER getting involved in a relationship again unless someone can love me like that letter!



I Now Love Myself For All That I Am 💖 

I can not thank you enough! 


I often feel like I'm drowning in all the tasks I need to do, the things I need to accomplish. 


Your course has made me make myself a priority. I'm able to set aside time to take care of me, and reflect on all the thinks that make me wonderful. 


To love myself for all that I am! 



YOU are an empowered woman.


You have everything you need for a fulfilling, loving, happy life inside of you!

This course is merely an extra tool for you to awaken to your divine feminine nature, 

to speak your truth and own your POWER!


This course is for the new girls, and the babes who are already on this journey.

Regardless of where you are on the road to self love, these eight weeks will be a transformation.


You can feel completely in LOVE with who you are,

But it starts with making the decision that you are worth it!


We are sharing these lessons with you because we have lived them.

Self love was not something that either of us picked up overnight.

Actually, it’s something we are still working on daily.


Self love is a practice, remember?

Meet your Soul Sister teachers.

and their self love journeys.



Founder of the Remote Yogi

Spiritual Life Coach & Yoga Teacher



If you feel uncomfortably shifty with the words “perfect” or “perfectionism,” you and I should grab a glass of strong wine and hash this out.


I allowed my obsessive path towards perfectionism wreak absolute havoc in my life.


It led to massive panic attacks, drug and alcohol abuse, and built wedges in most of my relationships growing up. I spent years of my life sleeping less than five hours a day, determined to “do it all” and prove my worth to everyone around me.


This chaos chased me right into a marriage at a young age, where I was eager to prove myself as the perfect wife.


I read all of the blogs on how to do it right. I was working full time while running three side hustles. I felt the need to overly workout and control my diet to stay fit. I developed OCD, needing to keep everything looking shiny and new.


This path seemed completely natural to me. That I would just keep working myself to death until everything magically fell into place, once I proved how worthy I was of everything I desired.


Until everything came crashing down around me.


I found myself betraying the “perfect life” I was trying to design and moved out of my ex-husband’s house.


Married and divorced by 24? Smooth move, Taryn. Great way to completely fail at life.


Self-criticism tried to take over, the typical pattern of a perfectionist.

I used to be quite talented at it, thank you very much.


But this time, something changed.

I found myself wreaked, alone, and scared, but something new was stirring within me.

Something had shifted for me.


In leaving my crushing marriage, I found a new sense of confidence. It took a damn good amount of courage to go against my religious upbringing, live in a home all by myself (which everyone told me I couldn’t afford), and focus on myself, for once in my life.


Divorce allowed me to opportunity to live selfishly for a bit. I focused on doing what made me feel good, not what others expected from me. I invested in myself with workshops and new friendships and maybe, one too many nights enjoying a pizza and full bottle of wine in my bathtub.


When I left my marriage, I gained the most magical relationship I’ve ever experienced –

the one I formed with myself.


Oh yes, things got lonely. In fact, years later, things still get lonely. And that’s actually okay.


I have learned to deeply respect who I am, to cherish the times I get to spend alone, exploring more about who I am and who I want to me. I’ve stepped into an authentic version of myself, one who is getting more and more fearless by the day.


I have to tell ya,

my life is so much better for it.


I worked up even more courage to sell all my belongings to begin traveling the world full time. My self-assurance led me to own my place as a badass boss babe and entrepreneur. It’s given me the confidence to seek out new friendships and manifest my second favorite relationship, with my studly Brit boyfriend who treats me like gold.


THIS is what is possible when you start loving yourself,

fully and completely.


Not that it is everyone’s dream to travel the world and launch a business.

It’s purely the knowing that you, my sweet friend, are worthy of it all!


The life you truly desire is calling you in.



Founder of Mindful Monarch

Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, & Coach



The truth is,

I have always loved myself. 


Something people get wrong about self love is the idea that we are lacking in love. The reality is, love is all around. In the tree, the sky, a child's face, your loved one.

It is deep within us.


It doesn't mean that figuring out how to use the depths of that love towards myself was easy.

It was anything but easy.


Deep inhale. Heavy exhale.


I used to have an eating disorder.

If you cringe a bit by that treacherous word, join the club! 


I used to think I was engaging in the best kind of self care. I would eat healthy, exercise daily, and avoid too much alcohol. I thought I was doing the best to take care of myself, really loving my body.


The reality?

I was doing anything but practicing self love. 


I would run twice a day and throw in a hike, because #selfcare. Every time I ate something, I threw it up. I would look at the mirror and cry because my arms were "too big." I would pinch at my stomach and legs all throughout the day, constantly picking on myself.


I hated my body.

and myself.


I was sad.

I was trapped in this dark place of unhealed traumas and pain.


At age 19, I had enough of feeling like crap about my body. I checked myself into a treatment facility.

I just knew, deep down, there was a better way to live. 


THAT was self love. 


Too bad it took me many more fumbles to really figure it out. I ran to Vegas and got married to a man I hardly knew, desperate to be loved. Just over a year later, I welcomed my beautiful daughter into this world. Postpartum depression became my daily reality, and I quickly fell back into my old eating disorder habits.


Through some kind of miracle, yoga entered my life.

Yoga = my saving grace


Yoga gave me the opportunity to truly explore who I was. I began to move my body in new ways, calm my mind with meditation practice, and protect my energy. I learned how to use my inner voice, to trust my inner power, and heal my womb space (yep, we get woo woo). I used chakra healing to embody the best version of myself.


I learned how to truly love myself. 


I had to force myself to leave what was comfortable to me - a life of pain and unhealthy relationships. 


I began to pull myself up off the ground and make healing the focal point of my life. 


To me, self love is a daily commitment.

It is deciding that I am worthy of making the time to meditate to protect my mind.

I am capable of moving in beautiful ways that bring me happiness.


It's in my power to heal myself, one day at a time. 


I believe that you already love yourself too.

I'm happy to share my tools with you so you can feel this power.


You are a divine goddess!

Let's step up and own it.

What's included in the 8-week course?

  • Powerful video lessons each week where we invite you to “join us on the coach and chat it out.”

  • Nine amazing meditations you can download and return to time and time again.

  • A weekly workbook to take you deeper into each lesson, with challenges and journal prompts to strengthen that self love muscle.

  • Four video group coaching callsThis is gold! These calls are the perfect opportunity to discuss challenges with your soul sisters and is where a lot of the magic happens. 

  • Private Facebook Group. We know it's a self love course, but we don't think it's a solo journey. Having a supportive sisterhood will help you take things to the next level.

  • Email Support. We are with you through the entire course and are ready to help out when you face struggles and breakthroughs. 

  • Free Bonuses. We include some yoga videos, coaching workshops, and more to support you in extra ways. 

Don't miss enrollment!

Don't miss out! Enrollment for this course closes on October 4, 2019.

We have limited space! We only accept 25 sisters in one session.

The next enrollment period will be February 2020. 


The investment for this course is $333

$333/lifetime access

or 3 payments of $122

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • 1. When do I access the course?

    You can begin accessing the bonus material and the Facebook group as soon as you sign up. Each of the each lessons will be released every Friday morning, beginning with week one on June 28th.

  • 2. How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have lifestyle access to the portal, including all of the videos, meditations, and workbooks. You will also stay connected to the Facebook community as new sisters begin the course (enrollment will be open three times a year).

  • 3. What if I cannot make the live calls?

    That’s okay! We will be asking for questions leading up to each call and they will all be recorded. You will be able to watch the video within a couple days of the original recording, that way you won’t miss out. Additionally, you can use the Facebook group to continue the conversation.

  • 4. Do you allow refunds?

    We want to ensure that you are loving the course and enjoying the sisterhood. A full refund is available within the first two weeks of the course.

  • 5. Will I be allowed to download the course?

    Yes, all of the content (videos, meditations, workbooks) are available to be downloaded and watched later on.