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These classes are all designed for specific deep stretches. While yoga is always a full-body stretch, I’ve pulled together all my focused classes for: hips, back, hamstrings, spine, etc.

Most of these classes are more on the yin, slow side, but you’ll find a varieties with emphasized on deeeeep stretch.

I accidentally found you online searching for back pain relief yoga stuff.

I never thought I would be doing yoga, but it’s been the only thing that has helped my back pain. I have a herniated disc thats bugging my sciatic nerve and I’ve been really unwell for a long time.

I had to give up all my hobbies due to the injury – but now I’m bouncing back and staying strong! I plan to paddleboard this spring and surf again!

Bella Lang

Release the tension and melt into your mat and body

Relax the body and get into mindful state of mind

The benefits of deep stretching are quite vast and it can do a whole lot more for you than just make you look funny as you do the downward dog. It releases endorphins - a sense of euphoria and tranquility within the body, similar to the feeling after a good workout, deep laughter, or even intercourse

  • Get delicious with your stretches and increase your mobility and flexibility

  • Consciously focus on our breathing patterns with stretching 

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Yoga for a Healthy Spine - 25 minutes

This is a 25-minute practice that will move you into interesting and new postures to encourage spinal flexibility. All you need is a yoga mat to practice at home, although it may be nice to have a blanket or folded towel to place under the knees. Feel free to grab a yoga block if you have one at home to sit on or use as extra support.

Keep an open mind in today’s class, but more importantly, HAVE FUN.


This free class is a taste of what's included in this Deep Stretch Yoga Bundle.



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  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain (20 min)

    Enjoy this 20-minute yoga practice that is focused on releasing the lower back.

  • Yoga for a Flexible Spine (24 min)

    This 24-minute yoga class is perfect for when you're feeling stiff in your back.

  • Yoga When You're Feelin' Stiff (27 min)

    This yoga class is designed to get you loosened up when you haven't practiced yoga in a while

  • Post-Run Yoga Stretch (39 min)

    We focus a lot on gradually slowing down the heart rate, stretch out the legs and hips.

  • Yin Yoga for Healthy Hips (54 min)

    Grab some pillows (and maybe a cup of somethin' warm) and join me for this yin yoga class.

  • Yin Yoga Flow for Hamstrings (57 min)

    These poses designed to get a deeeeeep stretch on the back of the thigh.

  • Yoga for Knee and Sciatic Pain (70 min)

    A slow series of moves to move the knee is various directions to build strength and gently stretch.

  • Yoga Class for Back Strength (43 min)

    Focusing on hip and hamstring tightness, abs and glutes while we also tone the back.

  • Yoga for Mobility

    (55 min)

    We are engaging more of that "bounce" practice to build the mobility we need in our fascia.

Bonus Meditation: Breathing Practice 

This ten minute practice is a simple meditation practice that is focused purely on the breath. The breath is such a powerful tool we can use to connect with our bodies, quiet our mind, and release stress.

I am SO honored and touched that you sent me a personal message, you have no clue how much it means to me.


Your video message is really motivating and I think you this is an amazing effort by you to make a difference in people’s lives through yoga. I am feeling really good since I started off with the simple yoga at home, as compared to hours in the gym. I am looking forward to so much more learning.

Apoorva Parimal

I have never thought I’d join an online community, but I stumbled upon Remote Yogi Tribe through the 14 day challenge and loved everything about it so much so I decided to join the Remote Yogi Tribe membership. I have never been happier and loving every moment of it.


I’ve been able to easily integrate yoga and meditation much more into my daily life with the support from Taryn and the community.

Fayette Klaassen

I joined the tribe a few months ago, and I don’t regret it for one bit!

I was never appealed by yoga, probably partly because I thought it wasn’t for me as I’m not flexible at all.


After 3 months of yoga with Taryn every day, I can clearly see the flexibility I have gained, and that’s one of the best rewards: getting to know, use and appreciate my body better. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Roxane Gras

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I’m Taryn Raine

Nomad Yoga Teacher &

Confidence Coach


I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and founder of The Remote Yogi, an online wellness platform which combines yoga, mindfulness, and personal development to help women ease fear and embrace confidence. I also run the podcast Embracing Human to help you bust through perfectionism patterns.


In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, cooking, exploring, and making new friends.

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