How To Be:

Calm. Confident. Strong. Sexy. Beautiful. Badass.

I'm Gasping For Breath. Fear Floods My Body. 

My life is going perfectly. I'm married to a handsome man. We've just bought our first house. I'm happily checking things off my life's to-do list. 


So, why am I paralyzed, weeping on the floor of my shower?

It's quite simple:



I'm a failure. 


I've spent my entire life, every fiber of my being, needing to be a mother.


But that's not going to happen.


My husband is working nights. Drinking heavily. 

He doesn't value me. He doesn't listen to me. He "finds my voice annoying". 


This isn't working, and my life-long dream is slipping through my fingers. 

I'm Crushed By A Wave Of Anxiety.

The shadow of shame, anxiety and self-doubt has followed me since my teen years. 

  • Surging hormones left me overwhelmed with sadness and anger. 
  • My mind became packed with horrible, self-critical voices.
  • I gave up on myself and stopped believing that I was loveable.

The breakdown of my marriage has bought that all rushing back.


I have two choices:


1. The Easy Option: I remain trapped in my marriage, letting anxiety, fear, and false beliefs ruin my life.


2. The Scary Option: I find the courage to leave. To sell all my belongings and travel the world. To discover beauty and confidence in myself, and to help others do the same.  


I know I need option 2, but I have no idea how to find this courage.


I've never been more terrified.

What Could Pull Me Out Of This Misery? 

This might surprise you.. 😅


Yoga, and my first experience is a complete accident. 


I stumble into what I think is a normal fitness class, and am too nervous to leave. 


Despite being super skeptical:

By The End Of My First Class, Something Amazing Happens

drum roll...

My Mind Becomes Silent.

No screaming. No chattering voices.  


Just, silence.

For the first time in I don’t remember how long, my mind is clear. 


I feel full of energy.


I’m hooked.   


Previously, I’d been utterly overwhelmed by fitness. 


I would read 100 blog posts and pins, and all of them would completely contradict each other.


No matter what I did, I felt I was doing it wrong.


Yoga flowed, it felt right, it just clicked. 

  • Through the breath work, I learned to calm my anxiety.
  • Through the meditations, I learned to love myself and my body.
  • Through the fitness, I gained new strength and confidence.

Yoga Saved My Life, But There Was One Problem.

While yoga and I were love at first sight, it’s not always been easy to practice..


I was living in a tiny Arizona town, over 30 minutes from the nearest studio.


I was crushed by student debt.


Paying $100+ a month for yoga, was impossible. 

I Couldn't Afford The Only Advantage I Had Over My Mind.

So, I became a teacher, but this lack of accessibility stuck with me.  


The problem was made even more clear when I started travelling full-time. 


Struggling to find studios I could drop into (and liked) made keeping up with yoga a complete nightmare.


I needed to create something better, more flexible.


I started helping others through my blog and Instagram. 


Helping women feel; powerful, peaceful, calm, energized and in control of their minds. 


But I knew I could do more. 

So, I Built An Online Studio To Transform Your Life, On And Off The Mat.

Yoga is 100% a personal journey. There is no "right or wrong" ways to do it, if we are moving our body safely.


I believe in teaching you how to find power and confidence through understanding your mind, body, and spirit in new ways.  


I believe in not "doing it alone" but in having a community of awesome people who can help you reach your goals sooner, and can cheer you on during the process and after.


Finally, if you get to that point in a healthy body, that you embrace with love, I’ll consider it a job well done!

Let Me Introduce: The Remote Yogi Tribe!

How The Remote Yogi Tribe Creates An Confident, Calm, Beautiful, Badass You:

  • Powerful Yoga for Any Schedule

    You get a wide range of yoga class styles, including yin yoga, flow classes, vinyasa, slower stretches and more. 


    These classes range from 15-85 minutes long, and are available 24/7. It's simple to fit yoga into your life, no matter how busy you are!


    You get instant access to 100+ classes taught by me and our fellow guest teachers. A new yoga class is added every week. 

  • All Your Questions Answered

    I'm here to help you transform!


    I'll answer your questions about yoga, anxiety, confidence, limiting beliefs, health living, or anything relating to becoming a beautiful badass.


    All new members get a free personal coaching call.


    I host two live group calls a month via video chat so this is the perfect opportunity to connect with an amazing global community of badass women!

  • Much More Than Just Yoga

    You get access to a library of targeted meditations. Gain self-control, willpower, and control of your emotions.


    Access health and mindfulness resources, such as our mindfulness challenge, printable yoga sequences, meal plans, etc.


    I teach a lifestyle coaching workshop monthly that you can watch anytime (or download a PDF version). 


    Recent topics include: productivity habits, intuition, and how understanding chakras can impact your life 🤓.  


  • Free Money

    You save 20-40% on all of my other services, including private yoga lessons (via video chat), lifestyle and wellness coaching, live workshops, retreats, and more

Meet The Tribe

Julia H.


Better Than 3 Years of Counseling

You've helped me find inner strength that I have been missing for ages and made me confront myself and show all of the things I had hidden away.


I have met some of the most supportive people, always embracing who I am and helping me grow to be my best self.


I have completely transformed and have healed throughout the whole process as well.


Three months in this tribe has done more than three years in counseling.

Aitza O.


I Quit Smoking!

Yes, I'd like to share that since I have started, I have quit smoking cigarettes, which was a 10 year on/off habit. In the past, when stress would start to sneak into my thoughts, I'd smoke to relieve the stress. Not anymore. I'm either stretching, reading, or meditating, and that's a victory for me!! ☺️

Bri K.


I Found My Voice

Wow, your latest mediation was EPIC. I literally could feel the vibrational change happen in my body and soul.


Imagine this: I started and felt like my heart tiny, like a black lump of coal.


As I continued to chant, I could feel the lump of coal move up from my heart and get stuck in my throat, before it literally flew out of my mouth. 


At first, my voice was deep & shaky, and by the end it was strong and light.


Any time I speak now, my voice remains strong and I am able to hear myself clearly. Just wanted to share!!! Thank you 🙏

Lauren D.


New Confidence.

I had 0 confidence when it comes to yoga, so thanks for not letting me get down on myself.


I'm discovering new confidence, and it's staying with me all day!


I love the convenience of having the tribe classes with me wherever I go. 

Elisabeth H.


You Made Yoga Possible For Me.

I have been following your class every day x 2 and I love it. I think you are such a good teacher. I am so glad I stumbled across your site and got to join your tribe. I love that you made yoga possible for me!

Robin M.


I Couldn't Afford a Studio

Thank you for the amazing advice on my mental attitude regarding time.


And thank you for saving me! I was agonizing over choosing a yoga studio, and the cost, and feeling so intimidated when I found you! 😀 The answer!


You're getting me back on track. and I love the detailed instructions regarding posture and form and "not beating yourself up" over personal limits ✌️

Amelia F.


Make A Wholehearted Life Achievable

Taryn, your authenticity and vulnerability make yoga, mindfulness, and living a more wholehearted life an achievable goal! 


Thanks for being an amazing role model, and for being open and honest about the struggles and success in your life. 

Danielle A.


I Found Control Over My Mind.

I'm so grateful for all your patience,  guidance and knowledge! You have helped me achieve more control over my mind and body. 


Your knowledge is extensive and your heart is priceless.

Roxanne G.​


Fallen In Love With Yoga

After finishing your 14 day challenge, I fell in love with yoga and the way you teach it.


So the tribe is a perfect way for me to get into yoga at my own pace and to download lessons for later (as I don't have an Internet access everyday).

But What If I Don’t Like It? What If I’m Broke?? What If It’s Not The RIGHT Yoga???


Relax Susan….. We Can Work Through This!

What if I don’t like the classes?

It’s completely risk free! You get two weeks 100% for free. No billing at all. 😊


What? I have to pay?

Yes, but it’ll not break the bank like most yoga studios, I promise. 


The Remote Yogi Tribe isn’t trying to build a gargantuan community, we focus on building value for our members by offering more access to our instructors and the community. This, combined with my fondness for shelter and food, mean our tribe has a small monthly cost. 


Think of it like Netflix, but with less life consuming Orange is the New Black sessions, and more healthy body, happy mind 🌞


What if it’s too complex to the learn the moves online?

Every pose is fully explained with clear instruction and variations for beginner and intermediate skill levels. Still struggling? Our live calls are the perfect opportunity to get pointers on your form so we can assist you.

So I’ve heard of Vinyasha and Astranga oh and hot yoga. How do I know yours is best for me? 

Don’t sweat it, it’s a little intimidating I know. Our tribe has a variety of yoga styles you can try out. We have slow, deep stretch classes, quick classes designed to get you sweaty, themed classes based on your mood, and many more. 


You can try them all! 


Plus, we feature new workouts from our guest teachers each month, allowing you to experience other teaching styles.


What if I can’t figure out the website?

It’s super simple. Take a look at the walk through video!

Erm, I’ve never actually tried yoga before.. 

Perfect, you’re in the right place! Each lesson offers COMPLETE beginner to intermediate poses with detailed instructions to make sure students take each class at their own pace. 


I’ve got your back 😉


But what if don’t have the equipment or space at home?

This is your lucky day, all you need for our classes is a yoga mat! To put a cherry on top, these classes are designed for people who may be on the go (like me), practicing in small hotel rooms or cramped spaces. 


If you have room to lay down your mat, you have enough space to practice!


But I’m so busy looking after my 17 cats, how will I have time??

I completely get that a busy life and making time for yoga and meditation can be challenging. I really use to struggle trying to balance three jobs, full time study, and keeping up my practice. 


We have a variety of classes that are less than 20 minutes long. You’ll always be able to blast out a quick session if time isn’t on your side. 


Plus, our online community can help you stay motivated and accountable.


But I need to do my yoga on a mountain top, I won’t have wifi there..

I’m inspired by your ambition, and a little puzzled by your priorities, but I have more good news. 


Every class is downloadable, so you don’t have to worry. You can just grab your mat, your phone (and your hiking gear), and you’re ready to go!


I get worried doing yoga by myself ..

I feel you. Practicing yoga at home can sometimes be lonely; that's why we have such a focus on community. 


We suggest inviting friends over to practice with you or ask fellow members to join you in taking a class at the same time. You can even video call each other and cheer each other on.

Again, You’re Completely Without Risk. You Have My Guarantee.

Sign up now and if any time in the next 14 days you don’t like it, you won't even get billed. There’s no crazy 12 step cancellation process, simply email me at and I’ll end your subscription.


There is no obligation to continue your membership for any period of time. You can cancel whenever you like!

Let's Keep It Real - This Membership Is Not For Everyone.

It May Not Be The Right Fit For You If...

You enjoy one armed scorpion pose handstands for a light workout. 

If you’re an advanced yoga student, you may be looking for something more crazy. Our classes are all thoroughly explained for beginner to intermediate levels.


Your only goal is to get fitness model ripped and contortionist flexible, fast. 

While this membership will certainly help you get in shape, we focus on full lifestyle transformation: Yoga, movement, exercise, mindset, meditation, breath-work, etc. 


You quietly despise the support of warm, encouraging, wonderful people. 

The most important asset to the Remote Yogi Tribe is the ability to connect with the teacher and fellow students. We know that you’re much more likely to succeed with the support of others, and clarity on everything you’re doing. 


It's Easy To Sign Up - You Can Get Started Today!

Click the button below, enter your contact and payment information, and you're in! You can access the everything right away and start practicing yoga with the Tribe. Once again, you won't be billed and can cancel at any time. 


I cannot wait to see you inside! ❤️


I’m Taryn Raine

Nomad Yoga Teacher &

Spiritual Life Coach

It is my mission to empower others to take control of their own wellness journey and conquer anxiety and stress.

In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, cooking, exploring, and making friends with stray animals.

The Remote Yogi

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